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To create a safe space for you, I take time at the beginning of the session to find out if you would like to chat or play (or a combination of both).
I won’t humiliate you unless it is your kink and you request it specifically.

Play Sessions

I first find out what you want and need and also what you don’t want. I will also give you a safe word to use for if you feel uncomfortable.

I proceed only with your informed consent and I honour all your limits.

I may also do periodic brief check-ins throughout to ensure that you are receiving the experience you want.

I take things at the speed you are comfortable with. For some this may mean moving very quickly, and for others it may mean proceeding cautiously as you explore a new activity or until you feel relaxed with me.

I focus fully on you, and I am flexible, creative, and intuitive.

I remain clothed throughout. There is NO sexual interaction between the two of us (e.g. no roleplay of touching my intimate areas).


I am very open to having a session that is strictly conversation. We can discuss anything you would like (provided it is not one of my limits).

In the past I have talked to those who were just starting to explore various aspects of their sexuality (e.g. trying a bi play session), those who wanted to talk about their sexuality as they had no one else to speak to about it, those who were just getting started in BDSM and wanted information, and those who were looking for companionship only and wanted to discuss non-sexual topics.

I have many interests and am always happy to learn more things. I am a good listener and love to learn about new people, but if you prefer to sit back and let me take the lead in the conversation, I can certainly do that as well.