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Financial Domination

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Are you a paypig who wants me to control you by draining you financially? A financial submissive (finsub) looking to worship a Goddess by spoiling her?  You’ve come to the right place.

I’m an ethical FinDomme who will take your money under the following circumstances:

  • • we will negotiate together how the financial domination will proceed.  I only believe in consensual financial domination.
  • • I will never take more than you can afford.  You can have a fantasy of total ruination, but it will only ever be a fantasy.
  • • I do love taking as much as you can afford to give me.

I accept finsubs/paypigs who are new to Financial Domination as well as those who are experienced.

Call my Financial Domination line now and start your service to me:

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Remember: tributes, gifts, fines, and all other payments are in addition to your payment for my time.